This fair play policy which forms an integral part of the terms and conditions that govern the use of 7s Rummy is intended to ensure that all Games played on the 7s Online Rummy adhere to high standards of fairness, competition, skill, and sportsmanship. Accordingly, the Policy sets out mandatory standards of conduct that are expected from users of the 7s Rummy (“Users” or “You”) and discloses, without limitation, specific measures implemented to ensure the aforesaid standards on the 7s Rummy.

reserves the right to take necessary actions, determined at its sole discretion, to enforce this Policy on all Games occurring on the 7s Rummy , and hence Users are advised to read this Policy carefully before playing a Game on the 7s Rummy .

All words used but not defined herein shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the Terms of Service.

Fair Play Violations

A fair play violation means any activity of a User that violates this Policy, and includes.

⦁ Activity that uses unfair means to manipulate the outcome of a Game on the 7s Rummy, irrespective of whether this is in favour of the user adopting such means.

⦁ Activity that is fraudulent, illegal, or unfair activity, as determined by 7s Rummy in its sole discretion.

⦁ Activity that is intended solely to transfer funds from one person to another person, or between distinct sources, thereby amounting to money transferring

⦁ Activity that involves collusion between two or more players to achieve a result during a Game, thereby amounting to syndicate playing; and activity that falls under the Prohibited Conduct set out in Prohibited Conduct below.

By registering on and using the 7s Rummy, Users agree that they will not indulge in any Fair Play Violation, by any means. Any User found guilty of a Fair Play Violation shall be subject to the consequences set out in Consequences of Fair Play Violations.

Prohibited Conduct

The following conduct is expressly prohibited on the 7s Rummy.

use of multiple accounts to play the same Game or at the same table, as may be applicable.

⦁ Use or availing of any form of external assistance to play a Game on the 7s Rummy.

⦁ Impersonating any person or entity or misrepresenting Your affiliation with any person or entity accessing the 7s Rummy account of other Users without their permission.

⦁ Misrepresenting the identity or source of funds.

⦁ Intentionally losing a particular round during a Game on the 7s Rummy in order to deliberately transfer winnings to another User.

⦁ Use of unauthorized components, create or use cheats, exploits, bots, hacks, or any other third party software designed to modify, intercept, decrypt, or mine the 7s Rummy in any manner.

⦁ Dissemination or uploading of spam, unlawful content, or any unauthorized communication to other players on the 7s Rummy, or employees of 7s Rummy.

⦁ Use of the 7s Rummy as a means of money transfer between persons or separate accounts, or any conduct that may amount to money laundering or other unlawful activities under Indian law.

⦁ Uploading any content to the 7s Rummy, or registering a user ID, which is racist, casteist, profane, vulgar, offensive, or unlawful in any manner.

Users must ensure that all KYC documentation submitted to Us is accurate and valid, and the submission of any false, forged, or other fraudulent documentation shall invite immediate termination of the User account, along with related legal action.

All communication must be strictly pertaining to matters related to the 7s Rummy, and Users found to be indulging in offensive or unlawful communication with any person on the 7s 7s Rummy may be terminated and barred from accessing the 7s Rummy. The following types of communication is specifically prohibited.

⦁ Vulgar or abusive language, racist remarks, offensive comments about religion or caste.

⦁ Solicitation in any form by any player via the chat, begging, pestering and causing nuisance of any sort.

⦁ Discussion regarding the purchase or sale of any in-app currency, or solicitation for the same.

⦁ Flooding of chat window with recurring messages, or any sort of persistent or constant unwanted communication

⦁ Advertising or promotional activity, or attempt to promote products or services of third-parties.

⦁ Malicious or defamatory content about the 7s Rummy or any of its other users and revelation of personal details like email address, contact numbers, postal address, etc.

Consequences of Fair Play Violations

All games on the 7s Rummy are monitored for Fair Play Violations, and detection of a Fair Play Violation may lead to the immediate freezing of the User accounts involved, including the funds therein, until the matter is resolved.

Users found engaging in Fair Play Violation may be permanently barred from accessing the 7s 7s Rummy, their accounts blocked, and any funds therein frozen in accordance with this Policy. This includes the Users who profited from the Fair Play Violation, and Users who aided or colluded in committing the Fair Play Violation.

In the event, We believe or suspect that You have been engaged in Fair Play Violation:

We will notify You such breach/attempt to breach and we shall have the right to investigate and monitor Your 7s Rummy Account and Your gameplay for such period of time as in Our reasonable opinion may be needed to investigate such breach which shall not be less than period of 180 days from the date of notification of such breach. The balance funds of users guilty of Fair Play Violations will be frozen for a period of up to 180 days. Such investigation will cover all the games that the concerned User has played since the time of registering on the 7s Rummy.

In the event, We, upon investigation are of the view that Your 7s Rummy Account is or has been engaged in Fair Play Violations, then to the extent of the amount which is involved in such Fair Play Violations, We may:

⦁ Forfeit the fund in Your 7s Rummy Account.

Repatriate the amount to the Generally Affected User or individuals who have been affected by the Fair Play Violation and Levy a Fair Play violation fee of an amount up to an amount of ₹10,000 or 3 (three) times the entry fee paid by you for the game involving Fair Play Violation (whichever is higher) per instance of such Fair Play Violation. You agree that such fee is not in the form of a penalty but is a reasonable and justifiable cost, manpower, technology, and loss of reputation that 7s Rummy as a 7s Rummy may suffer due to Your violation of the Fair Play Policy. The Fair Play violation fee may be debited from the funds in Your 7s Rummy Account or in the event the balance in Your 7s Online Rummy Account is not sufficient to cover the fee, we may raise a claim for such fee against You in accordance with applicable laws. Such fee may be in addition to any other legal proceeding the 7s Rummy may take against you for the same instance of Fair Play Violation.

Where the review pursuant to a Fair Play Violation indicates any financial losses to a Genuinely Affected User, the amount of such loss, and further penalties that We may impose at its sole discretion, shall be recovered from the frozen funds of the concerned User; where such funds do not cover the due amounts, We retain all rights to legally pursue available remedies to recover such amounts. Balance funds shall be released to the User in accordance with applicable law.

We reserve the right to review any game of any User at any point in time, and if any games are found to be in violation of this Policy, then strict penalty and actions will be taken as per this Policy. There is no time limitation on the detection and actioning of a Fair Play Violation on the 7s Rummy.

Where the review pursuant to a Fair Play Violation indicates any financial losses to a Genuinely Affected User, the amount of such loss, and further penalties that 7s Rummy may impose at its sole discretion, shall be recovered from the frozen funds of the concerned User; where such funds do not cover the due amounts, 7s Rummy retains all rights to legally pursue available remedies to recover such amounts. Balance funds shall be released to the User in accordance with applicable law.

If We have been instructed or made aware of a cyber fraud or any other fraudulent activity related to a User’s 7s Rummy Account by a governmental, police or any law enforcement authority or agency, then We reserve the right to (a) suspend Your 7s Rummy Account; and (b) transfer any funds lying in Your 7s Rummy Account to such Bank Account as may be instructed by the governmental, police or any law enforcement authority or agency. We also reserve the right to block any and all Withdrawals from Your 7s Rummy Account upon instructions from the governmental, police or any law enforcement authority or agency.

Relief for genuinely affected users

For the purpose of this Policy, a “Genuinely Affected User” shall mean a User who is subject to a direct monetary impact during a Game on account of a Fair Play Violation by one or more of the other players in that Game.

Genuinely Affected Users may, after review and confirmation by the 7s Rummy investigative team, be eligible for a refund of their entry fees for the affected Game. Such refunds will be in accordance with the other policies governing the use of the 7s Online Rummy, including those relating to Game cancellation and refunds Policy.

Genuinely Affected Users must report a Fair Play Violation within 72 (seventy-two) hours of the occurrence, via email to support@7sonlinerummy.com or via the help section provided on the 7s Rummy. 7s Rummy’s internal team shall investigate the reported Game and respond with the investigation within 72 hours. The necessary action for valid cases will be taken as per the Game cancellation and refund policy.

Security Measures

7s Rummy has implemented a 24×7 monitoring mechanism, involving a team of experts and proprietary technology, to review Games played on the 7s Rummy for Fair Play Violations. However, we also rely on Users to report Fair Play Violations, in order to ensure swift redressal of such matters, and accordingly, You are encouraged to contact Us if you suspect a Fair Play Violation during any Game You participate in on the 7s Rummy.

7s Rummy makes use of the Random Number Generator (RNG) algorithm in the game-play on the 7s Rummy, which has been accredited by a renowned testing lab (i Tech Labs, which is IEC/ISO 17025 certified). Accordingly, international standards of randomization are implemented on the 7s Rummy to ensure the fairness of each Game, including seating, shuffling, etc.

7s Rummy implements anti-collusion measures on the 7s Rummy which includes but are not limited to randomized seating at tables and use of anti-fraud algorithms. Information about the playing cards is always encrypted, thereby preventing any third party from viewing the same.

Advanced techniques have been employed to assess whether two (2) or more players on the table are colluding during the Game. In case, the system finds out about any such Fair Play Violation happening on the table then an auto-alert is raised instantly.

An alert is automatically raised if there are any signs of Fair Play Violation.

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