7s Points

A unique player reward program of 7S Rummy Get rewarded with 7S Points every time you play cash games and premium entry tournaments. The more you play, the more 7S Points you earn.

Earn 7S Points

Earn 1 7SPoint for every 100 Rupees you play on 7S Rummy cash games and premium entry tournaments.

As you earn 7S Points, you will reach to higher Levels. The number of stars corresponding to each 7S Level will appear alongside your Username.

7S Levels 7S Points Required Stars

7S Levels 7S Points Required Stars
Bronze On Add Cash
Silver 500
Gold 2000
Diamond 7500
platinum 20000

Benefits of 7S points

There are lots of benefits of 7S Levels and the higher your level the higher benifits you get during certain cash addition bonus, promotions, ranging from higher bonus % to higher max bonus amount.

In addition

1. Gold Level player will be able to do a cash ddition of 30000 in a single transaction.

2. Diamond & Platinum can do a cash addition of 40000 in a single transaction.

3. Gold & Diamond can redeem upto 20000 in a single transaction.

4. Platinum can reddem upto 30K in a single transaction.

Redeeming of 7S points

You can claim the following bonus by redeeming the 7S points through cash addition.

Redeem Points Bonus Amount Min deposit Amount
1000 100 500
2000 200 1000
3000 300 2000
5000 500 5000
10000 1000 10000
20000 2000 10000

1. 7S points redemption will be released based on playing.

2. Redeeming the points will not affect player's current Level.

Redeem 7S points for Instant bonus

You can claim the following bonus by redeeming the 7S points through cash addition.

On various occasions 7S rummy rewards its premium players with special redeem offer. During this period, players may redeem their 7S points for an instant bonus where no cash addition is required, this instant bonus will be added to players' cash balance.

How are Loyalty clubs upgraded or downgraded?

Your loyalty club status will be updated every day once at midnight. your club status will be upgraded if you have wagered the amount required to move to a higher club. your club status downgrades if you fail to meet the minimum wagering required to be the club member.

your average wagering for last 30 days is considered while defining your loyalty club status

Terms & Conditions

1. 7SPoints will be calculated in real time and will be updated at the end of each game. Correspondingly, any upgrade in 7S Level as a result of player activity will be reflected instantly.

2. 7S Points to be earned to Upgrade to a particular Level can be changed at the discretion of the Management without prior notice.

3. Cash balance to be used for playing to earn 1 7S Point can be changed at the discretion of the Management without prior notice.

4. 7S Points can be earned from playing cash games and Premium Entry Tourneys only.

5. 7S Points cannot be earned from playing Premium Freeroll and any Play Chip games.

6. 7S Points expire in case you do not login to the game client for more than 180 days. Logging in to your account from the website will not be considered.

7. By registering & playing on 7SRummy, you agree to the Terms and Conditions

8. The management reserves the right to change or cancel this promotion at any time without any prior notice.

9. In case of any discrepancy, the decision of the management would be final and binding.

Launched in 2023, 7s Rummy is the first online gaming app. In just a short span of time, 7s Rummy has made its way to the hearts of millions of rummy lovers around India. Play exciting cash games, big tournaments, and show your skills on the 7s Rummy app now.